What is She’s En Scene? 

She’s En Scene is a Glasgow women’s community cinema screening films made by women. We host film screenings, discussions, workshops and events which aim to empower, encourage film discussion and creation and tackle social isolation within communities. All our screenings are safe spaces* for women, female-identifying and non-binary people. We are a not-for-profit cinema with social aims and any profits made go straight back into our work in communities. All our volunteers are passionate, creative film lovers who want to see equality within filmmaking!

*Safe space details below 

What exactly is a community cinema?

A community cinema is an organisation that screens films in community venues to local people. Community cinemas aim to offer alternative cinema experiences and offer lower cost tickets compared to the big cinemas. Community cinemas can operate anywhere from community centres to outdoor spaces and large auditoriums.

What is a safe space? 

A safe space is a place intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations. It’s also where anyone can relax and fully express, without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome or challenged on account of biological sex, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or cultural background.

We feel there aren’t enough safe spaces in Glasgow for women to discuss cinema so the majority of our film screenings follow with a group chat for women to connect.

How do I buy tickets to screenings? 

You can buy tickets to our screenings and events here.

How do the discussions work?

Our post-film chats are very casual and informal. They’re split into small groups so everyone can get a chance to chat. We put discussion questions on the screen, they’re there to guide the discussions so there’s no obligation to stick to them! Feel free to chat about anything you’re happy to discuss.

Do I have to attend the discussion as well as the screening?

No, that’s completely up to you! We want women to feel comfortable to come and go from our screenings when they wish to do so.

I’m quite anxious about attending the screening, should I still come?

Yes! Please do! She’s En Scene screenings are safe spaces so we explicitly encourage our audiences to respect and support one another. If you have any concerns, worries or requirements prior to the screening, please don’t hesitate to contact Amanda via shesenscene@outlook.com

Where are She’s En Scene based?

We’re a travelling cinema so we aren’t based in one venue. We’ve hosted screenings all around Glasgow including Maryhill and Govan. If you’d like us to host in your community, email us via shesenscene@outlook.com!

Why ‘women-only’ events? 

We don’t have equality within the film industry which is why this community cinema exists. It is not a level playing field for women in film and television. Directorial/technical roles are still male-dominated. There’s no other women’s cinema space in Glasgow and we deeply believe it’s needed. 

Women-only spaces have existed for over 100 years. They’ve contributed to laws being changed, inequalities being acknowledged and communities of women feeling they have a voice where they otherwise wouldn’t have. Whether that’s to tackle period poverty, the wage gap, etc, these projects make change actively happen. 

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Yes, please do. Please remember to bin everything before you leave!

I’ve changed my mind, can I get a refund on tickets I’ve bought?

We’ll happily refund your ticket(s) if you contact us 7 days before the screening. All our ticket sales go towards our running costs and as we’re a not-for-profit group, we rely on sales to run so unfortunately we can’t offer a refund after this period. Please email shesenscene@outlook.com if you require a refund.

How did this all start?

Amanda Craig founded She’s En Scene in 2017 with the objective of getting more women watching, discussing and creating films together.

“We need women to lift each other up, all women from diverse backgrounds. We can change the industry together and it begins by watching films & having cinema discussions. When I started She’s En Scene, I was unemployed, socially isolated and battling mental health issues. Starting She’s En Scene saved me and connected me with community. She’s En Scene will always be about that at heart, supporting one another and making connections through film.” 

How can I volunteer with She’s En Scene?

If you’re interested in volunteering with us, please email Amanda at shesenscene@outlook.com for a volunteer pack which includes role information.  We value our volunteers and we work around you! Any time you can give to the project is hugely appreciated.