Fatphobia Can Kiss My Fat Arse

There’s hunners of pish posted online aboot Nike’s new ‘plus size’ mannequins. If ye haven’t seen any articles yet, Google it.

Or fucking don’t. Don’t gie them clicks, these stories are always clickbait. Including this. Dingy them and soak in this one positive and very correct sentence:

“All women are different shapes & sizes & that’s GOOD & we all deserve to be represented”

That’s my sentence, by the way. It’s not someone else’s quote. I’m saying it. There are many ‘&’s in it. I know. Fuck it.

Twitter was so raging aboot Nike’s decision to bring in these mannequins.



Usual ignorant shite, speaking from one perspective. If ye think that mannequin is obese, you’re an idiot.

So many women will relate to this size of mannequin and feel positive aboot their body and that’s a lovely thing.

Being a larger person doesnae mean you’re unhealthy. I really want society to snap oot of this ideology.

I’m 26, I’m a size 14/16, I go to the gym, I cycle every day, I watch whit I eat. My body isnae skinny, it’s bumpy and curvy and daft and I’m very healthy. It’s hard for size 16+ to find clothes which fit well on the high street, clothing still isn’t representing ALL women. Look at bras. A size D is the biggest size ye get in shops. I’m a size H. Gies fucking peace.

I cannae find jeans fae anywhere but GAP cos of my size 16 arse.

I want to point oot I’m no’ speaking for all sizes here and I’m in a majority. There’s so much writing online from lassies of all body shapes, their experiences with body shaming and how we can promote body positivity. I cannae be arsed writing a big blog post aboot it but all I’ll say is, it’s NOT ok to slag ANY body shape.

Nike are a huge company and I’m 100% cynical of them but I care about women’s bodies being represented truthfully so mon the bigger mannequins!


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