Why I’m Better Than You: Why Women Are Better Than Everyone

Women are better than men and we are fucking cracking in every way and I’m only writing this ‘cos I thought this paragraph would come up on the link preview but it hasn’t and I don’t believe we’re BETTER, feminism is about equality and inclusiveness, etc, etc.

So I’m kidding oan!

That’s a decent wee click bait title though, isn’t it?

Welcome to shesenscene.com. I’ve decided to start writing a blog every week wi aw the shite I talk aboot on Twitter but in a longer format including feminism, racism, sexism, aw those ‘isms’ that are hunners ae fun to discuss and help yer mental health deteriorate. Of course that’ll include a bit of female-directed film chat anaw.

In case ye don’t know, She’s En Scene was a women’s community project and cinema I set up two years ago screening female-directed films ‘roon Glesga. We’ve stopped screening due to funding but we’ll be back. Maybe. Possibly.

So noo, this website will be a platform for all the chat mentioned above. I did start writing a She’s En Scene Zine but printing costs are a fucking joke, nae wonder it’s mostly middle class folk who get right intae it.

I’ll be posting every week. But I willnae be taking the content of this blog seriously so neither should you.



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